Call 936-269-3368

or email Bebarbara@aol.com

 to reserve your baby.

Prices start at:

$250 for doelings

$150 for buckling

$75 for wethers

My goats are  sold only as  pets or breeders.

I do not sell my goats for meat.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.

To serve our buyers best we like to have the following questions

answered before selling any goat.

  1. Do you currently have any goats and if not, have you ever owned them in the past?

  2. Is the area where you will keep your goats fenced, and with what kind of fencing?

  3. What type of shelter will the goats have?

  4. If you have pet dogs will they be securely fenced away from the goats?

  5. Do you have a veterinarian, preferably one that is familiar with goats?

  6. Are you planning on breeding goats, or just want a couple as pet

Our does are good mothers so we do not sell bottle babies unless something occurred naturally which requires us to bottle feed

We do disbud if you want that done to a horned goat

Do not disbud bucklings as I can't guarantee no scurs


Deposits and Pick-up

A non-refundable deposit of $50 will hold

a kid until it is 12 weeks old. 

We will not accept deposits on kids that aren’t born yet. 

 If a kid is not picked up or shipped by 12 weeks old

we begin to charge a boarding fee of $2.00 a day to continue to hold the kid for you unless other written

arrangements have been made. 

Goats not picked up with-in 30 days of pick-up date

will become the property of 7F Ranch 

and no refund will be given on any money already paid.

Buyers should be prepared to transport goats in an adequately sized, well ventilated, and covered cage or


The goat needs to be able to stand, turn around and lay

lay down comfortably. 

A goat tied in the bed of a  pick-up truck is not safe  

and this will not be  allowed. 

A cage in the bed of a pick up needs to have protection from rain, sun and too much wind. 

Sorry but we are unable to offer delivery. 

Final payment must be paid in cash, money order

or certified check prior to the goat leaving our farm. 

No personal checks will be accepted for final payment!

Please tell me your preference on: 

color, eye color,

horned, polled,

and sex. I have a waiting list.

The price of the  goat includes either a registration application OR a registration certificate.

This depends on the age of the goat at the time

it is sold and if the required photos have been

taken yet.

We only supply registration applications for

wethers upon request.


You pay the rest in cash when you come to pick up

the animal.

Babies are ready at 8-12 weeks old.

Goats can be shipped at buyers expense also.

At this time I do not air ship.

Health Papers:

Each state has its own requirements as far as what tests are needed

to bring animals into the state.

The fines are high if you are stopped and do not have health

papers on your stock.

You can check with your vet as to what is needed, or visit 


The price of the goat does NOT include any lab tests,

 veterinary exam or health certificate. 

If requested, these items may be done at the buyer’s expense. 

It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine what is required for goats entering their state.

Once the goat leaves 7F Ranch we have no way of knowing how the goat is being cared for. Things can also happen while the goat is being shipped (it is rare but can occur). Because of this we can not be responsible for the goat after the goat leaves our farm.


Here is a professional livestock transporter:

Just in Time Pet Shipping




Ron Keener. 

(512) 259-5098 

All my baby goats will come with their

AFGO registration papers,

I will give you the transfer sheet.

You will need to join AFGO 


to be able to register the kids in your name.

Goats may also be registered with MGR.


I will give you a receipt also, showing price,

worming dates and medicine used.

I will also give you some of their feed to mix

with whatever kind you feed to prevent stomach

upset from a sudden change.

I can also show you how to worm and trim hooves

of your goats if you want me to.

All Information, Graphic and photos are the copyright of 7F Ranch

No one may copy or use without the express written permission of

7F Ranch, Barbara Dickerson.

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