For Sale


I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone for any reason


email:  Bebarbara@aol.com

My goats are sold for pets and

 breeding only

Prices start at:

$250 and up for doelings

$150 and up for bucklings

$100.00 for wethers

Please tell me your preference


color, eye color, horned,

polled & sex.

I have a waiting list.

If you do not want horns on

your goats,     

I do have polled,

but if you see one

with horns you want, I can &

will disbud a doeling for you.

I do not disbud bucklings. 

There is a $50

deposit  required

to hold babies. 

It is non-refundable, unless

something happens   

to the baby, then you would

get your money back

or another goat.

You pay the rest in cash when

you come to

pick up the animal.

Babies are ready to go at 8-12

weeks old.

If the animal is to ride in the

back of a truck on the way

to it's new home, it must be in

covered crate that

can protect it from wind &


Goats can be shipped at buyers

expense also.

Buyer responsible for paying


health certificate, if one is

needed for transport.

Here is a great transport.

Just in Time

Pet Shipping

Cindy Rapp






All my baby goats will come

with their

AFGO registration certificate.

I will have filled out the

transfer certificate

for you.

You must belong to the AFGO,

to register a goat

in your own name.

I can give you an application

to register your

goat in the MGR. You must

belong to MGR

to register goat in your name.

I will give you a receipt also,

showing price,

worming dates and medicine


I will also give you some of

their feed to mix with

whatever kind you feed to

prevent stomach upset

from a sudden change.

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